Catalog Of Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruisers are nostalgic motorcycles built to resemble American machines of the 30’s and 60’s. Harley Davidsons fall into this caregory. These bikes have high handlebars and well padded seats which sometimes even have small backs. Footpegs on cruisers are quite low to allow riders to comfortably rest their legs as well.

A cruiser is a fantastic choice for city driving as it’s significantly more comfortable when riding at low and middle speeds. Many cruisers also have a small storage compartment which makes them convenient for running errands.

Unfortunately cruisers aren’t nearly as comfortable at freeway speeds because the lack of a windshield means that riders are constantly fighting against the drag of the wind. Cruisers are also not as good at handling corners because they have lower ground clearance.

There are also power cruisers which have better ground clearance, upgraded brakes and suspensions, and more powerful engines to provide a smoother, faster ride.

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