Triumph Bonneville T100

The only minor detail I’ve found to complain about is that she is not fond of cold weather. This is well-known to be a very “cold-blooded” bike, and she runs a bit rough and really likes the choke when the temperature is in the 40’s or lower. Not really a problem, just a minor inconvenience that in no way detracts from the desireability or enjoyment of the bike.

The one not much to add the good point/bad point listings. If you want a safe predictable ride, if you can put up with the panniers that you would not trust to hold anything you want to be sure of still having at the end of your trip and if you have a reliable trustworthy means of servicing the bike, then it is a bike worth considering. I added handlebar grip heaters and it becomes an all-weather bike (ice and snow is really all that keeps the bike at home). Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I buy another one? No…but that has more to do with the lack of decent place to get it serviced here in Hereford.

Great classic style. Great for shorties – low seat and short clutch. Engine/Power (but acceptable if you are not a speed freak). T100 model’s engine has the edge if you can afford the additional 6/700 – sometimes looking for 5th gear; no security so you need to add it, so the steering lock has a seperate key; no quick seat removal, so no storage.

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